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Thousands of residents bring in different requirements. Sorting them out on a priority basis is what our facility managers do.

society facility management

Administration with the most reliable facility management system

Digitalized system to keep track of each society's activity. Managing tasks and maintenance can be done seamlessly.

Technology enabled society task management

Minimize the chances of manual error. The360 has brought a range of solutions for society facility-managers with its latest feature updates.

society task management
digital poll
Easy decision-making

Conduct polls digitally on The360 application. Get votes and decide easily with a wholesome opinion.

Configured voting right

The voting right is configured for the polls one per unit or one per user. This helps in getting a genuine result.

Assisting facility managers for optimal performance

Tracking the entire team and communicating with all has been made easier than ever. Distinct features built up dedicatedly for the facility managers are the key factors.

flexible management
Flexible management

No need to be in front of the screen 24/7. Facility managers can manage and monitor right from the smartphone through The360 admin app.

role-based management
Prevent unnecessary interruption

Role-based management can keep the process confidential among different employees.

Improved workforce management

Monitoring staff attendance, maintaining their logs, and assuring availability on time are what The360 can provide.

tenant screening
Tenant screening

Tenant KYC documents can easily be destroyed or lost if stored on paper. Upload the documents on the app and stay away from forging.

data analyzing
Data analyzing

An easy report generation system helps facility managers in faster decision-making by analyzing valid data.

Manage escalation

If any issue is mishandled from the helpdesk, the facility manager can review it instantly if it s escalated to them.

Maximize operationalefficacy

Facility Managers are the prime personnel to maintain the operational area of a housing complex. Digitalized tools help to eliminate errors and be more efficient in their tasks.


Why are we unique?

  • Data safety from third-party applications
  • Create module. Assign role-wise
  • Guard activeness alert
  • OTP verification
  • Dedicated account manager


team support
  • Keep data safe from third-party app interference.
  • Free training from The360 experts and easy digital helpdesk support.
24/7 real-time support.

The360 has the highest rated client support in software. We're here 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.


  • Large numbers of tools are provided to the back office facility management team and facility manager to ensure they can fully get the advantage of The360 platform. Role management, property management, and different log maintenance like:
  • Email,
  • Visitor,
  • Vehicle,
  • Regular visitor,
  • Wrong parking, and
  • Guard patrolling.

For management purposes, they have access to:

  • Creating and sending notices,
  • Publishing broadcasts,
  • Running advertisements,
  • Storing documents,
  • Conducting polls,
  • Manage amenity
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Complaint management
Yes. To keep the module role-based for privacy purposes the Facility Manager can create profiles for the distinct user and assign access as per need.
Frequent changes or occasional changes in the facility management team or facility manager with The360 the association would just need to remove the old user (facility manager or team member) and create a new profile with the details of the present user. The360 backend team is always available to assist with the same.
The360 provides different platforms for distinct users. To manage the administration tasks flexibly and overcome location barriers The360 provides the Admin application platform. Manage the tasks from anywhere right from the smartphone.
  • The360 provides a portal for compliant management in the housing society. On the dashboard, the facility managers can easily check any newly added complaints instantly.
  • Check the complaint category and assign the service provider right from the portal.
Yes. For training purposes, The360 expert team visits the premises and provides support as per your requirement.