Keep Society Management on the Fingertip

Keeping all under the inspection of a large society is a job of minutes now.


A cross platform solution for administrators

The360 Admin platform keeps cross-connecting with the entire platform and applications to get instant updates and resolutions.

Complaint management

Thousands of complaints need a prioritized solution platform

With the360, manage your tenant’s grievances with ease. Allow flat owners, and tenants to raise complaints and see them from the palm of your hands. The threaded platform for requirements and update notifications.

complaint management
no queue

No queue, Zero waiting time

Residents can raise complaints through the the360 app in case of any grievances

instant admin assistance

Instant Admin assistance

Admins can check raised grievances from the residents and assign technicians accordingly

technician update

Technician update

Technicians can get notified as well as update the progress of the work on the said ticket/complaint.

crucial discussions

Pin crucial discussions

A society meeting involves innumerable important discussions. Keep them on MOMs for live updates along with saving a copy also.

update anytime

Update anytime

Add meeting discussions and decisions to reach all residents.

Meeting and MOM

No worries about skipped information

Stuck anywhere? Not able to join society meetings? The360 Meeting and MOM features are here to rescue. Get real-time meeting discussion updates on MOM.

Document Storage

Consolidated storage for vast document

Documents may get lost, damaged, or misplaced. With the360 suite, make sure all your documents are safe and accessible anytime. Store society bylaws, guidelines as well as private documents such as rental agreements, etc.

document storage
cloud storage

Digitalized cloud storage

Store documents in a secured locker to access at any time.

maintain confidentiality

Maintain confidentiality

Only personnel with exclusive permission will be able to access the locker.

store documents

Convenient format customization

Store documents in any and all formats you need.

notice board

Notice board

No hassle of checking notices from the installed section.

  • Threaded Forum for discussion
  • Check notices on Smartphone
  • No risk of notice misplacing
tenant management

Tenant management

Digital tenant data and documents stack. Tracking each new tenant in the apartment is easier.

  • Cloud storage for document
  • Keep paperwork safely
  • Track payment details of tenants


Get each resident's point of view easily and take decisions with all opinions. Voting right for polls is set to the configuration of one per unit.

  • Create and conduct digital polls.
  • Maintain the anonymity of the responders.
  • Get and share results immediately.
staff management
track staff attendance

Collective attendance calendar

Keep track of domestic help's attendance.

generate payroll

Generate payroll

Common area domestic helps salary generated through entry exit tracker.

Staff management

Intuitive calendar maintenance

A large number of apartments brings in numerous numbers of domestic helpers.

housing management software

Let's customize your ideal housing management software

Contact our team of experts to share your ideas and get the tailor-made product done. We will be here anytime to assist you.